First, the quality assurance: 

Guangzhou Kewei microwave equipment strictly enforce the national GB10436-89 microwave leakage standards, GB16798-1997 (food machinery safety standards), GB5226 (mechanical and electrical safety standards). Which GB10436-89 requirements: microwave leakage ≤ 5mw / cm 2 , and our company to ensure that microwave leakage ≤ 2mw / cm 2 .

Second, the warranty period: 

Definition: Since the date of installation and commissioning of the equipment, 12 months for the quality of the warranty period.

Warranty period, to provide free technical services. As a result of the use of manufacturers of human factors caused by equipment maintenance services, we charge the cost of spare parts. 

More than the warranty period, to provide paid lifelong technical services.

Third, the service commitment: 

1, equipment installation, commissioning: equipment arrived after the demand side, when the water and other peripheral conditions are already in the case, received the demand side installation, commissioning notice, we immediately send personnel to the needs of the installation site to install the equipment, debugging.

2, personnel training: installation and commissioning personnel in the installation and commissioning process, the demand side operators on the equipment components of the working principle, operation process, maintenance and precautions to explain, and on-site operation demonstration, so that operators Familiarize yourself with the equipment as soon as possible, and teach the operator a simple solution to the problems that may occur during the operation of the equipment.

3, after-sales service, service purposes: prompt and timely, warm and thoughtful, integrity first. 
To this end, the company has a dedicated sales maintenance service center for the majority of users 24 hours a day service. Received a repair phone, 8 hours after the reaction, arrived in the scene within 48 hours. 
Service Hotline: 020-34780806 / 39239865 
4, spare parts: The company has sufficient microwave equipment, a variety of complete spare parts, spare parts, to ensure that customers timely access to the required and to ensure its quality and enjoy the best price. 
Regular accessories can be provided within 24 hours, special specifications can be provided within 72 hours.