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South China's first large-scale microwave ovens,microwave dryer was born in Kewei.

The first professional microwave r&d, manufacturing and application service provider in south China!

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South China's earliest established professional microwave research and development, manufacturing, application service providers

microwave industry originator

South China's first large microwave ovens, industrial microwave ovens, microwave dryers was born in Kewei. More than 20 years, Kewei trained out of the outstanding staff throughout the industry north and south.

Service world events

Kekewei company to become the Olympic Organizing Committee, the Asian Games Organizing Committee, the Expo Organizing Committee, the Universiade Association integrity microwave box heating equipment designated suppliers.

Strong technical team

Production workshop staff, most of the industry in more than 10 years, more than 80% for senior technicians to ensure that large industrial microwave manufacturing accuracy.

Production speed, high efficiency

The company's equipment is compared.Not only can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. But also to improve the work environment of the workshop to reduce the labor intensity of personnel.

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