Drying Technology of Microwave Drying Equipment for Microwave Eq

 Questions    |      2017-10-26

Large-scale industrial microwave equipment, microwave drying equipment, also known as microwave dryer , it is used to dry food, medicine, wood, building materials, cardboard and other materials, microwave drying and drying technical parameters, 300 MHz to 300 gigahertz electromagnetic waves. The water molecules in the heated media material are polar molecules. It is in the rapidly changing high frequency electromagnetic field, its polarity orientation will change with the external electric field changes, resulting in molecular motion and mutual friction effect. At this point the field of microwave field can be converted into heat within the medium, so that the material temperature, resulting in heat and expansion and a series of materialization process to achieve the purpose of microwave heating and drying for food, herbs, wood, chemical products, Cardboard, wood and other products in different industries quickly drying, compared with the traditional drying equipment, microwave drying equipment is characterized by: drying speed, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy conservation, is to respond to low-carbon economy of new equipment.

Microwave drying equipment works: the use of microwave penetration heat to improve the temperature of the material, so that the evaporation of water vaporization of the material, the evaporation of water from the exhaust system drained to achieve the purpose of drying materials. 

Microwave drying equipment alias and application equipment: tunnel microwave dryer, microwave drying box , microwave vacuum dryer, microwave food drying equipment, microwave agricultural and sideline products drying equipment, large microwave oven, and so on. 

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