Guangzhou Kewei Microwave Energy Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, is the first in South China to set up professional microwave research and development, manufacturing and application company. Professional research and development, production of microwave heating equipment, microwave drying equipment, microwave drying equipment, microwave sterilization equipment, large microwave ovens, microwave vacuum equipment. Each microwave equipment are customized according to user requirements heating, sterilization, vacuum equipment. The company has more than 15 years of research and production experience, research and development and production capacity in the industry ahead, is the microwave equipment industry leader. 

Guangzhou Kewei Microwave Energy Co., Ltd. has a group of more than 10 years of research, production, management, sales of professionals, the production of high quality microwave, superior performance, the technical indicators have reached the domestic advanced level. Closely with the market demand, and with users to establish a good relationship of cooperation, and continuously enhance their competitiveness. We inspirational to create cost-effective microwave equipment to be recognized by the market. The company R & D, manufacturing of microwave equipment sold in Southeast Asia, the European Union, South America and throughout the country.

Guangzhou Kewei Microwave Energy Co., Ltd. annual production of microwave heating machine, microwave dryer, microwave dryer and microwave sterilizer several varieties of dozens of specifications. For the food group companies, chemical enterprises, pharmaceutical companies, large and medium-sized institutions and institutions and the state held a large-scale sports service. For the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Guangdong Provincial Games, the Guangdong Science Center and the Canton Fair Exhibition Center and other units to provide microwave heating equipment, microwave drying sterilization equipment, microwave drying equipment more than one Taiwan.

The company's equipment and other equipment compared to the main features of the production speed, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Not only can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. But also to improve the work environment of the workshop to reduce the labor intensity of personnel. Conform to the requirements of social savings and emission reduction, modern enterprises to upgrade equipment and update the production line of the best choice. If you have the relevant needs, please send your request to us or call us, we will give you the appropriate application program, according to your application needs, the development of various types of equipment.

Guangzhou Kewei company people-oriented, customer interests as the core, to improve customer competitiveness as the starting point, a comprehensive organization of energy integration of the industry chain to provide our customers with the application of the new microwave equipment. We will be "your satisfaction is our pursuit" for the purpose, dedicated to serve you. Welcome! Welcome to consult and study!