Industrial microwave equipment to dry and skilled handicraft producti

 Company News    |      2017-10-26
Living in a fast-paced life, you still love the food "wet" meaning to worry about it? You are still not good for the food and helpless nothing? Do you still worry about the freshness of fresh ingredients? Are you still sick for food loss? Are you still angry for overcharging? Do not worry, friend! 

Guangzhou Kewei Microwave Energy Co., Ltd.'s products - industrial microwave equipment will be able to perfect to help you solve! Our industrial microwave equipment has the following "four strong heart":

(I) have a strong and warm heart - warm and heated, warm and warm and uniform, without additional heat conduction. Industrial microwave equipment is to make the heated material itself into a heating body, its own heat, no heat conduction process, industrial microwave equipment can be instantly penetrate the heated material, penetrate the depth of up to a few centimeters, or even more than ten centimeters, Tens of seconds, or even a few seconds will be able to change the microwave energy for heat. And regardless of the shape of the various parts of the material, industrial microwave equipment can be at the same time from the inside out of the material heating (and the traditional heating is from the outward heat transfer, easy to produce external coke endogenous phenomenon). From this point we can see that the industrial microwave equipment heating is not only uniform, but also to avoid the traditional heating outside the coke endogenous and the appearance of the temperature is too high and so on, so you will not use a "fanatical appearance, cold heart" material!

(2) have a youth and adhere to the heart - firm mold-resistant materials, ruthless sterilization quality, adhere to fresh look. Microwave heating with thermal effects and biological effects, can be at a lower temperature mold, sterilization. And because of the heating speed, time is short, to maximize the preservation of the activity of the material and food vitamins, color and nutrients, to extend the shelf life, allowing you to better enjoy the green food health, more healthy work life A hundred years to refuel!

(Iii) there is a housekeeper and thrifty heart - positive energy-saving without electricity, comprehensive and efficient without procrastination. Since the moisture-containing substance is very easy to absorb the microwave and heat, therefore, in addition to a small amount of transmission loss, almost no other loss. The traditional heating equipment itself also need to warm up and heat, Moreover, it is heated while cooling, and our industrial microwave equipment operation, the material will be able to immediately heat, it only takes a few seconds to enter the heating state, time-consuming than the hot air , Boiler several times higher. While the microwave heating and far infrared heating compared to save energy of 1/3, if long-term use of our industrial microwave equipment, you will save a lot of objective life for the rich money!

(Iv) have a healthy and exquisite heart - safe and harmless, can be as small as you want. Since the microwave energy is controlled in a metal-made heating chamber and in a waveguide, the microwave is effectively controlled. So there is no radiation hazards and harmful gas emissions, nor produce waste heat.Neither pollution of food, nor pollution of the environment, is conducive to environmental protection, more conducive to health! The size of industrial microwave equipment can be tailored according to the combination of yield and site. Both to meet the requirements of the production, but also to the equipment occupied by the space becomes smaller and smaller, so you can harvest small investment, the return of the results!

Dear friends, and sincerely hope that our industrial microwave equipment strong "really" can be your favor, and then become your favorite coach, wishful good helper!