Industrial microwave equipment to achieve value-added products of e

 Industry News    |      2017-10-26

As the industrial microwave equipment has a certain penetration, so the microwave heating is actually a three-dimensional heating, that is, both inside and outside the product to be heated, hot air and microwave combination of dry energy can use their own advantages. Short time to achieve the nutritional content and traditional flavor; save energy; improve quality.

Industrial microwave equipment technology is first used in communications, broadcasting, television technology. In these areas, the microwave is used as a carrier of information or information. In the decades of application of microwave communication engineering, it has been found that there is always a thermal effect that can cause the microwave energy loss and the need to prevent and eliminate the harmful factors. Foreign research and academic exchange of microwave energy has been very active and attention. In 1966, the International Microwave Power Society (IMPI) was set up in Alberta, Canada, and an annual symposium was held and the quarterly magazine, TheJouralof MicrowvePower, was published regularly.

China began in the 1970s the application of microwave energy research, in 1973 began industrial microwave equipment application technology research and microwave heating with the development of magnetron. In 1974 and 1980, the Ministry of Electronics Industry held a national microwave to promote the use of technical exchanges, exchange of microwave academic and application of technical problems.

Microwave energy is finally used as an energy source for heating, drying, insecticidal, sterilization, medical and other industrial projects. The first is in the food industry, and the emergence of home microwave ovens to further expand the field of microwave heating technology applications. Now, microwave heating as a new technology has been highly regarded by various disciplines and application development.

At present, China has been in the leather, wood, color printing, food, paper, chemicals, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, building materials, rubber and medical industries gradually use microwave technology, and achieved good economic benefits. Microwave energy technology as a new means of processing, the technological transformation of various industries and equipment updates have formed a great impact. In particular, at this stage, placed in front of the operators is to solve the product structure and social needs of the problem, to adapt to social development of product quality, variety requirements. One of its focus is lack of technological innovation, quality upgrade lag. The emergence of microwave technology to improve product quality, keep up with technological progress, a high value-added products provide a good condition.