The Function of Powder Microwave Drying Equipment in Industrial Pro

 Industry News    |      2017-10-26

Powder microwave drying equipment is different from the traditional boiler heating, today Xiaobian to introduce the powder microwave drying equipment in the role of industrial production.

Powder microwave drying equipment efficient, easy to control, etc., but also more environmentally friendly. The use of microwave heating method of heating acid, can fundamentally solve the problems in the traditional process. A new type of microwave heating device developed by a university, using PLC control, direct heating of titanium plate cold rolling acid solution, automatic control circuit according to the temperature sensor output signal can automatically control the size of microwave heating power, you can easily Control the heating temperature of the pickling solution. The use of microwave heating titanium plate cold rolling acid pickling process of work, open the acid pump, the pickling medium will continue to withdraw from the circulation tank, heated by microwave heating equipment to the acid pickling tank, the pickling tank Titanium tape for pickling, pickling tank due to a new pickling medium into the excess acid rinse solution will be returned to the circulation tank along the pipeline to form a loop of acid ring closed loop.

Production of titanium with a certain speed through the pickling tank for pickling, titanium belt pickling tank in the pickling process takes part of the heat of acid, coupled with acid in the pipeline, the tank and pickling tank heat loss, Need to add this part of the heat to maintain the operating temperature of the pickling solution. At this time, the automatic control circuit controls the size of the microwave heating power according to the output signal of the temperature sensor so that the temperature of the acid solution after heating always meets the needs of pickling production. Thus, by the heating of the microwave heating apparatus, the pickling liquid forms a heating-cooling-heating cycle in the closed loop.

The above description is the powder microwave drying equipment in the role of industrial production, we hope to help you, welcome customers to consult the purchase, we sincerely for your service!