Application of Industrial Microwave Oven Microwave Equipment in Foo

 Questions    |      2017-10-26
Domestic food machinery will introduce microwave technology into the design and application of industrial drying equipment, research and development of the industrial food grade industrial microwave equipment . Industrial microwave equipment to produce thermal effects, biological effects, chemical effects and other energy conversion, resulting in a lot of heat to achieve heating and drying, sterilization and other purposes.

Industrial microwave equipment will be converted into ultra-short-wave power penetration of the heating baking, the use of low-temperature flexible baking technology, low baking temperature, roasted shrimp nutrient loss less. The quality of the obtained grilled shrimp is good. Mainly replace the traditional firewood baking equipment. Industrial microwave oven energy conversion efficiency, heating speed.

When baking, the polymer material structure is denatured by the expansion force of the gas, and it becomes a microporous material with the characteristics of mesh structure and stereotyping. Compared with the traditional baking equipment, there is no fire, no smoke, no dust, environmental health, baked out of the shrimp surface bright color, no impurities, shrimp original flavor, fresh and delicious meat.

In the microwave equipment has achieved good market efficiency, which is brought about by the economic benefits are inseparable, and its economic effects, whether in energy consumption rate, productivity, labor, product quality, size, production and labor conditions, Operating costs and technical level, etc., technology are at the leading position.