How to better choose microwave drying sterilization equipment mater

 Industry News    |      2017-10-26

Microwave drying sterilization equipment using microwave action, can change the biological arrangement of polymerization and its movement law, and microwave field induced ion current. Actually affect the cell membrane near the charge distribution, leading to the role of the membrane barrier damage.Affect the function of potassium pump, resulting in membrane dysfunction, which interfere with or damage the normal metabolism of cells, leading to bacterial growth inhibition, stop or death, resulting in bactericidal effect.

1, to meet the needs of the material being processed

The main task of microwave drying sterilization equipment is to dry a given material. Due to the variety of materials handled by the dryer, covering the food, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, forest products, paper, metallurgy and many other fields, the product is difficult to count. Dry material requirements vary widely, such as chemical reagents, pharmaceuticals, electronic materials, electrical and other ceramic materials, drying process must not be mixed with iron ions, so the equipment selection to avoid the use of carbon steel materials. In addition, the moisture content of the material if it contains acid, alkali, salt, organic solvents, etc., for different metal materials will be corrosive. Especially in the heating process, the corrosion of the material will intensify, it should be based on the characteristics of moisture contained in the material to select the appropriate material.

2, select the material for the equipment installation environment

In many cases, although the above conditions can meet the requirements, but also pay attention to equipment installation environment on the material requirements. If the equipment installed in the chemical plant, the environment on the equipment, the control system, electrical system, whether corrosive to seriously consider, come up with a reasonable design

3, for dry sterilization process selection of materials

Microwave drying and sterilization equipment according to the different drying conditions are different materials, while drying inorganic salts at the same time it should be polymerization. Drying materials have to choose the price of high temperature stainless steel, but taking into account the drying room are not in high temperature, according to the calculation, only in the high temperature area selected high temperature materials, now Has been running for more than a year all right.

4, for the dryer type selection of materials

As mentioned earlier, the dryer has a variety of types, each model works vary, so the choice of materials should also be fully considered. If the air dryer in the drying of magnesium oxide, because the material in the air tube in the high speed, hardening of magnesium material, the drying pipe bending wall at the serious wear and tear, so in this area will design anti-wear structure or wear materials The Another example, compared with carbon steel, stainless steel thermal conductivity was significantly lower than the former. Therefore, in the conduction heat transfer-based microwave drying equipment , if the choice of stainless steel as the main material, the device's heat transfer area should be based on the thermal conductivity of stainless steel to calculate. Engineering examples show that in the choice of steam heat exchanger, the stainless steel material than the carbon steel material area by 30%.

Microwave drying sterilization equipment with microwave sterilization, preservation of the role, it is the use of microwave thermal effects of the combined results. The thermal effect of microwave is mainly due to the rapid temperature sterilization effect, while the non-thermal effect makes the microbial protein and raw material variation, thus loss of vitality or death. Therefore, the microwave sterilization equipment temperature is lower than the conventional method, under normal circumstances, the conventional method of sterilization temperature requirements above 100 degrees Celsius, time ten minutes to several tens of minutes, while the microwave sterilization temperature is only 85 degrees Celsius, time for a few minutes, The need for sterilization of the material.